Who We Serve

We serve current and future “millionaires next door,” helping them navigate the path to financial independence and, ultimately, a fulfilling retirement.

Succinctly put, our clients are current and future “millionaires next door” who partner with us in pursuit of living with intention—their intention, not ours! We act as guides to help discern and integrate their intentions, and then co-craft financial plans designed to fund and facilitate the set intentions.


Business owner/partner/executive still working and considering next steps toward retirement and living an active lifestyle.


Newly retired or contemplating, concerned about security in retirement, and looking for a greater sense of purpose.


Retired or about to retire and want to find the best way to maintain their active lifestyle and rediscover themselves.


Ambitious, high earners on the fast track to financial independence, now realizing the stakes are too high to DIY.

Each of our client households is unique and in search of a customized planning approach, but they all have the following traits in common:

1. They want to spend more time living than focusing on the minutiae of their money.

Our clients are delegators, and that’s why they’ve partnered with us as their family’s CFO.

2. They’re seeking a long-term relationship, not a transactional engagement. 

Some people actually prefer the slick sales guy calling with the hot stock tip that delivers a surge of adrenaline. Our clients seek their excitement outside of their portfolio, preferring a proactive, systematic investment methodology over a more reactive, sensationalized exchange.

3. They’re enjoyable to work with! 

Believe it or not, some people prefer an almost adversarial relationship with their service providers, but our clients prefer to do their due diligence and then trust in our partnership and process. We love seeing our clients show up on our calendars, on our phones, and in our inboxes! 


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We’re here to help you Live With Intention.

Worried about retiring? Do you feel personally and financially ready to retire? If the answer is not a solid, Yes, then it’s time to reach out for help in setting yourself up for success.

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