Intentional Investing

Intentional Investing® is a multi-disciplinary approach to the practice of growing your wealth, blending the Nobel prize-winning work of two seemingly disparate fields, to help investors design a custom portfolio to support their financial goals within the context of their personal approach to money and life.

The first field will not surprise you—it is the realm of investing, but not the sensationalized kind you’re likely to see on the TV channels with the ticker running across the bottom and a loud man yelling “Sell! Buy! Hold!” It’s a quieter, academically-rooted, evidence-based approach.

Yet while such a method may help direct us to a portfolio structure designed to optimize our long-term expected return on investment, it doesn’t account for an all-important variable—you. Indeed, each of us is unique, and therefore the ideal portfolio for you will not only consider the behavior of the investments, but also the investor behavior. Accordingly, the second field of study woven into Intentional Investing® is that of behavioral finance and behavioral economics.

By blending the two fields, investors can not only put every dollar to work but imbue every dollar invested with a sense of purpose.


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