Our Values

Part of living with intention means working with people who embody our firm’s core values and embrace our mission.

Through our values, we pledge to be intentional, motivated, passionate, affirming, creative, and team players; our mission is to guide clients in pursuit of living with intention. 

Through the integration of our core values, walking our talk, and living our mission, we seek to become students of our clients’ deepest held values, co-creating financial plans that will help you realize and act on your hopes and dreams.

Our Promise

Our promise is simple, but profound, that we will put you before us in all things. This isn’t marketing language—we are an independent, NAPFA-member, fee-only, financial advisory firm, and each of our team members has taken a fiduciary oath to only act in the best interest of our clients. Period.

There are many aspects of your world and the financial landscape that will change over time, but this commitment is one that will remain constant.

Just the facts….

The word “regulation” is just about enough to put any of us asleep, but how a financial advisory firm is regulated, compensated, and positioned within the industry is important information, however boring. 

Here are three important facts about TFA:

1) We are independent: While the majority of financial advisors are affiliated with a big bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company—companies whose primary business is the creation and distribution of financial products—TFA is a completely independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, regulated by the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) and unaffiliated with any financial industry behemoth.

2)  We are fee-only: We simply don’t sell anything, and that means we don’t receive commissions from the sale of products that could cloud our judgment in your guidance.

3)  We are full-time fiduciaries: This 10-cent word—fiduciary—actually carries a great deal of meaning with it: We have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of our clients, 100% of the time. The full-time status is important because there are many advisors who advertise themselves as “fee-based,” which only means that they collect fees for some of the services they provide—and commissions for others. They may take their fiduciary hat off and sell you a product. We, on the other hand, only and always act as a fee-only fiduciary for our clients.

Triad Financial Advisors employs fee-only fiduciaries that put you first, 24/7!

What are the benefits?

The reason it’s so important to work with an independent, fee-only fiduciary is that the financial industry has a long history of misplaced incentives. We all know that banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies have benefited from the products they’ve sold and services they’ve provided—but what about their clients? 

You are our sole focus—that is the #1 benefit.

We’re here to help you Live With Intention.

Worried about retiring? Do you feel personally and financially ready to retire? If the answer is not a solid, Yes, then it’s time to reach out for help in setting yourself up for success.

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