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Lead Advisor

My role at TFA

I am a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner at TFA. I serve as a Lead Advisor to many families at TFA. A typical day consists of conducting comprehensive review meetings, evaluating/establishing financial plans, investment advising, analyzing tax returns, looking over estate documents, examining insurance policies, helping people determine their goals, short and long-term, and of course, answering phone calls and responding to emails when needed!

My motivation

I started in this industry because I wanted to become better at handling my own financial matters to set myself up for success. As I began to learn some of the ins and outs of finance, everything felt as if it “clicked”. Therefore, the motivation was naturally there to keep learning and evolving to where I am today. Through my own journey, I’ve realized that I can help people as I did for myself, and that’s my biggest driving force to continue doing what I do. Also, I find the behavioral element of money completely intriguing. It’s amazing to experience everyone’s different relationship with money. I can truly say that no day is the same and I appreciate that. It’s been wonderful to share experiences with many people as they progress through life. To be involved in someone’s journey financially, and the long-lasting relationships that are built is quite special.

My life outside of TFA

My main hobby is horseback riding. I have two horses that I compete throughout the year in local dressage shows. I have one horse that is at the highest level and another horse in the middle that I’ve trained from bottom. I’m going on 21 years of riding, and I can’t imagine what I would do without it. If I’m not at the barn, I enjoy running and playing cornhole and kickball. I was a collegiate track and cross-country runner for Western Carolina University. Go Cats! After graduation, I took a sabbatical from running, but now I’m getting back to a consistent routine, and I hope to participate in local races soon. This hobby is definitely not a love, but more of an appreciation. I’m still working on becoming a pretty decent amateur player when it comes to cornhole. However, within the last few years, I’ve been a bit rusty in this department, so stay tuned! Lastly, kickball is a relatively new leisure activity for me. I’m two seasons in and still trying to wrap by head around all the rules. However, who doesn’t love kicking a ball hard and sprinting! I’m a proud member of the Boro Ballers recreational kickball team 😊

My husband and I are blessed to have wonderful families, which also consist of our beloved animals: Talia, Valentino, Java, and Sassy

3 words that describe Me

Driven, Passionate, Sincere

Favorite Movie


Favorite Book

Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Quote

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts - Winston S. Churchill

Secret Skill

I can put together a pretty fashionable outfit in seconds.

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