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Technical Portfolio Specialist

My role at TFA

I work as Technical Portfolio Specialist and I assist in the composition and maintenance of investment portfolios by using and applying the portfolio model.  I engage in equity research using fundamental analysis, valuation models, and other metrics to arrive at the desired and satisfactory result that the clients want.

My motivation

I am passionate about people and it’s always my joy to see them happy as they see their desired returns on their investments.  I am an analytical thinker who is always curious, hence the drive to try new ways of achieving greater results. Most importantly great team and a welcoming workplace.

My life outside of TFA

I sing, cook and watch tv.

My family of 4 is unique and sweet. Myself, my loving husband who is an Electrical Engineer, my smart son who wants to be an inventor and engineer like his Dad and my ever adorable and caring daughter who wants to be a doctor.

3 words that describe Me

Dedicated, Dependable, Loving

Favorite Movie

The Mummies

Favorite Book

Spirit and Soul Lifting

Favorite Quote

If you don't know where you are going, everywhere will look like it.

Best Advice

Belief in myself and don't give up.

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