Asset and Debt Management

Asset & Debt Management

Establish & Track Net Worth: We will help bring clarity to where your wealth is now and track progress.

Review Cash Reserves & Liquidity: We will assess cash and cash needs to determine how best to use and how much to keep in cash.

Assess Credit & Explore Options: We will review debt and determine how best to utilize different leverage strategies.

Cash Flow and Income Management

Cash Flow & Income Management

Review current income sources: We will look at all current and future sources of known income to assets best uses.

Analyze Expenses: We will look at expenses and develop strategies to best manage those in order to achieve financial goals.

Discuss Irregular Income & Expenses: We will plan for any interruption in income or unknown expenses and how to properly earmark funds for those needs.

Investment Planning and Portfolio Management

Investment Management

Determine Risk Capacity: We will work with you to determine how you tolerate variations in your portfolio.

Risk Requirement: We will analyze your financial plan and determine the appropriate amount of risk necessary to achieve your financial goals.

Construct a Portfolio: We will construct a well-diversified portfolio consisting of low cost mutual funds, and tilt the allocations to assets that try to capture risk premiums over the long term.

Align Portfolio to Goals:  Through our process, we help define your short, medium, and long-term goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Rebalance Assets: From time to time, market conditions may cause the various asset classes in a portfolio to “drift” from the allocation. We monitor these occurrences and make sure your portfolio is optimized properly.

Asset Protection and Preservation

Asset Protection & Preservation

Life Insurance Needs Analysis: We will review your current policies and assess financial needs to determine the correct type and amount of life insurance needed to achieve your goals.

Health Insurance Strategies: We will help you understand all your health care coverage options, whether it be through a personal plan, employer plan, Medicare, or the Marketplace.

Minimizing Long Term Care Risks: We work with you to determine the right type of long term care insurance by weighing the cost vs. benefit. We also collaborate with Insurance specialists to make sure we are providing the most specific advice for your situation.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Establish & Review Documents: We will help you understand what legal documents and strategies are available like wills, POAs, trusts, Health Care POA etc. We will help plan and review your documents and work with estate attorneys to make sure your plan is lined up with your wishes.

Review Beneficiary Designations:We will help make sure that your accounts and assets are properly titled and have correct beneficiary information. We take a proactive look at life changes, from marriages, births, deaths and divorce to make sure your goals are met.

Other Estate Concerns: We work collaboratively with estate attorneys to address any other concerns and end of life wishes, protection of heirs & children, and developing roles and responsibilities of executors and trustees.

Philanthropic Planning and Charitable Giving


Define Values & Goals: We will help you look at how you are allocating your time and money to various charitable goals. Together we will prioritize and come up with the best strategies to make the biggest impact toward those goals.

Optimize Tax Efficiency: We will help explore the various ways to support charities from a tax efficient standpoint. These strategies can include Donor-Advised Funds, Trusts, Foundations etc.

Tax Planning

Tax Management

Review Prior Returns: We review prior returns and make sure we take into account your specific tax situation while providing advice.

Other Tax Concerns: We work collaboratively with CPAs to make sure you are optimizing all the tax strategies available to you.