All of our clients know, the word “Intention” is displayed throughout our office, website, business cards, coliseum marquee etc. It is something we take very seriously as a firm philosophy and culture. We’ve expanded “Live with Intention” to also include Investing and Retiring as well. Naturally some of our newer clients will often ask, “Well what does that mean?” and “How do you help us do that?” Here are some ways we’ve been able to work with our clients to achieve that:

  • We start by Listening: Our initial meeting is typically us actively listening, taking notes and you doing most of the talking.
  • We help Organize: After you come up with all the things that are important to you, we help you organize your thoughts.
  • We Prioritize: The list may seem daunting at first, but we always remind our families that this is a process and hopefully a long-term relationship. We prioritize the list so we can address the most important topics first.
  • We Plan: At this point we can begin the fun part; we start to put the plan together so we can intentionally help you reach your goals.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with many families over the years. If you’re ready to start the process to approach your goals with intention we’d love to hear from you.